Kids’ Learning Activities,

As the expert to Kids’ Learning & Activities, Ms. Morin helps parents be their child’s partner in learning. She provides information about what children are developmentally ready to achieve at each age level, what they’re learning in school and with fun, interactive ways to incorporate learning into everyday life.


CircleofMomsPopSugar ☆ Moms (formerly Circle of Moms’ The RoundUP)
Writer of feature articles about the issues everyday moms face. From their thoughts about living in sexless marriages, to my thoughts about raising a child with autism to moms’ tips for dealing with their children’s quirks and lovable qualities, Amanda’s covering it.





K-5 Education Expert, 

A contributing writer to the Parenting School-Age children site, Ms. Morin worked to provide parents with information about their child’s learning processes, a working           vocabulary of learning and and up-to-date understanding of hot issues in education.



Ms Morin covered a variety of educational and socio-emotional topics for this  online educational and child development resource website for parents with kids in preschool through grade 12.




As a blogger for CurrentMom, a blog for women entrepreneurs interested in work-life issues and entrepreneurship, Ms. Morin tend to ponder the oddities of the hectic world we live in and try to quantify what a “good enough life” looks like.