puzzlepiecesWhy I Only Say My Son is Autistic Sometimes
Why is it okay to say I have a gifted child and not okay to say my child has high intelligence? Why is “person first language” only an issue when we’re talking about traits that might be perceived as negative?


live_photo16519389_sCan a Sexless Marriage Survive?
One day you realize you can’t remember the last time you and your spouse had sex. Then what? An overwhelming majority of Circle of Moms members say there’s no way they would stay in a sexless marriage. But can one survive?


JournalJarThe Benefits of Journaling for Kids
Journaling for kids has benefits beyond just practicing writing. Keeping a journal can also be a way to understand science, nature, math and even sort out your child’s own thoughts and relationships.



daycareThe “Seven C’s:” Essential Social Skills for Preschoolers
Being ready for school isn’t just about mastering academic skills. Whether your child attends preschool or not, by the time kindergarten rolls around he should be able to sail the “seven C’s” of social skills.



bikeThe Benefits of Under-Scheduling Your Child |
Is your child over-scheduled? He might be losing more than he is gaining. Here’s how under-scheduling your child can help create well-rounded and happy kids.